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Sunset Pho

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TWO uses locally sourced products so the creative menu changes with the seasons. Tapas style, dishes are served on medium plates perfect for sharing with more than one person. The food is fabulously flavorful, the cocktails are incredible, and the desserts are divine. 

Fat Rice

The menu at Fat Rice combines traditional Asian flavors with exotic ingredients. It’s a casual atmosphere with communal tables and a full-service bar.

Le Bouchon (Barack Obama Special)

Le Bouchon offers an elegantly prepared French dining experience, but at the perfect bistro price. Regional French wines are also available.


The World of Food: Soft Drinks

Is there anything more refreshing than an ice-cold soft drink (or soda, or pop, or coke, or soda pop, or fizzy drink, depending upon where you hail from)?

Yogurt with raspberries
The World of Food: Yogurt

How many foods can claim that they are a creamy, delicious treat, chock full of nutrients, and might just improve your health and prolong your life? Well, here’s one, known from its earliest days as “food of the gods”: yogurt.

The World of Food: Australia

G’day, mates! This week, we go to the land Down Under, Australia — a country that is also a continent; a place where sheep outnumber humans three to one; and a region that is home to the dingo, the didgeridoo, and Crocodile Dundee.

Chef with a glass of wine

Sit down at the table with David Manilow, creator of Check, Please!, as he explores the Chicago food and restaurant landscape with the unique personalities who have influenced it.

A chef in her restaurant

An original web series that profiles a diverse group of Chicago area restaurateurs, chefs, baristas, gin enthusiasts, and others. Meet the people who feed you.

Dishalicious show host in apron

Experience the culinary world — live and in-person — through the eyes of top Chicago chefs! Dishalicious is a fast-paced, live demonstration cooking show and event that’s fun and informative.

Discover the ways Chicago’s celebrity chefs unwind after they clock out of the kitchen. Get to know another side of these interesting personalities who — while known for their passion and work ethic in the kitchen — are fascinating and passionate people in their personal lives as well.