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Mediterranean fare is served at this family run restaurant. A fusion of Greek, Italian, even Indian flavors will delight your palette.


Dawali offers a classic Mediterranean menu. Enjoy falafel, shawerma, shish kabab and more. All are expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and made homemade daily. A variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options. BYOB


Yuzu offers expertly prepared sushi and Japanese style robata grilled dishes in a modern, yet whimsical and relaxed environment. Sushi is presented in artfully designed and tasty sauces. Flame grilled and skewered meats, fish and vegetables are deliciously spiced and perfectly priced. BYOB.


A bowl of chili topped with shredded cheese
The World of Food: Chili

Chili. There are few foods in America more personal, more divisive, and more heavily imbued with regional pride. And in two U.S. locales — Texas and Ohio (Cincinnati, to be exact) — it’s practically a religion.

Slices of red watermelon
The World of Food: Watermelon

Today, August 3, we celebrate National Watermelon Day, so it's the perfect time to take a closer look at this summer mainstay — a healthy, refreshing treat that belongs to the Cucubitaceae family (good luck pronouncing that!).

A man standing at an automat
The World of Food: The Automat

You want your food instantaneously, in a clean, respectable place where it’s socially acceptable to dine alone and nobody minds if you linger. And it’s an era before fast food chains existed as we know them today. Where do you go? The Automat!

Chef with a glass of wine

Sit down at the table with David Manilow, creator of Check, Please!, as he explores the Chicago food and restaurant landscape with the unique personalities who have influenced it.

A chef in her restaurant

An original web series that profiles a diverse group of Chicago area restaurateurs, chefs, baristas, gin enthusiasts, and others. Meet the people who feed you.

Dishalicious show host in apron

Experience the culinary world — live and in-person — through the eyes of top Chicago chefs! Dishalicious is a fast-paced, live demonstration cooking show and event that’s fun and informative.

Discover the ways Chicago’s celebrity chefs unwind after they clock out of the kitchen. Get to know another side of these interesting personalities who — while known for their passion and work ethic in the kitchen — are fascinating and passionate people in their personal lives as well.