Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon aims to bring fresh authentic Vietnamese food to its customers. They bring classic flavors along with new ones seen in Saigon today. BYOB

The Restaurant That Keeps Me Coming Back...

By Simone Black

The restaurant that keeps me coming back is Tank Noodle. I love this place because as soon as you walk in, the smell just hits you. You can tell that this is a busy place with lots of turnover, fresh ingredients and freshly prepared dishes. When you look to the side, you see the kitchen partially exposed and all the neat prep and ingredients out in the open. This is very important to me, as I know that if an establishment is comfortable exposing prep, then they have to take good care of it.

Marigold (closed)

Marigold has a hip, festive atmosphere in Uptown. The upscale Indian fare provides a unique and “spicy” dinner experience. The desserts are amazing as well.

Ba Le Sandwich & Bakery

A counter service Vietnamese sandwich shop that offers freshly made traditional Vietnamese dishes at affordable prices. The specialty is a French/Vietnamese sandwich called the ban mi.

Cafe Too (closed)

Cafe Too offers a modern American cuisine with a twist, a sunny atmosphere and friendly service, while also providing hope and opportunity to students and community members working to achieve self-sufficiency. Each year Cafe Too helps individuals gain valuable employment skills in its endeavor to end homelessness in Chicago. Restaurant motto: Dine Well. Do Good.

Tank Noodle

This is the place for beef Pho - a noodle soup with beef broth, rice noodles, fresh bean sprouts, fresh basil and cilantro, jalapenos and lime wedges. Try a wide variety of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine within the large dining room.

Silver Seafood

A small and casual Chinese restaurant that serves Szechwan and Cantonese fare. With such an extensive menu there is something for everyone.

Thai Pastry

Amidst cozy and classy interiors at Thai Pastry & Restaurant, they serve authentic Thai cuisine, a creative combination of delicate herbs and distinctive spices, market-fresh ingredients and delicious tastes plus selections of homemade Thai pastry.

Magnolia Cafe (closed)

An American bistro featuring Sunday brunch - lovely exposed brick surrounds you as you enjoy your experience! Magnolia Cafe is located north of downtown Chicago in the newly revitalized neighborhood of Uptown. The menu incorporates seasonal French American ingredients and other techniques.