Smack Dab

Smack Dab is a casual, modern cafe offering signature gourmet breakfast sandwiches, small-batch donuts & coffee.

Bhabi's Kitchen (closed)

Bhabi's Kitchen is owned and run by Mr. Syed, his wife and sister do all the cooking. As soon as you sit down in this tiny restaurant, you feel as though you are guests in the Syed's home.

Taste of Peru

The strip-mall location might be a bit off-putting, but once inside, the Peruvian art-clad walls transport patrons to a land where they can feast on paella and other Peruvian treats.

Heartland Cafe (closed)

Heartland cafe offers vegetarian and meat dishes in a comfortably rustic decor with a loud and happy ambience.

Katsu (closed)

A small, cozy and traditional Japanese resaurant that focuses primarily on Sushi, but serves all types of Japanese cuisine. Although Katsu is only open for dinner, they are open late.