Raisu is a comfortable Japanese spot offering nigiri, sashimi, maki, and omekase in a friendly, unassuming space. Chef Simon Liew sources his fish twice a week from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market.


Shokran serves authentic Moroccan cuisine. Enjoy perfectly prepared lamb dishes, couscous or the sought after traditional wedding dish, chicken bastilla. The environment is warm, welcoming and comfortable, and the staff is very helpful with the menu.

Beograd Café

The family owned Beograd Café offers a taste of the old world. Enjoy Serbian specialties such as bureks (cheese and meet stuffed pastries), chevapi (barbequed meats) and delicious desserts in a comfortable atmosphere. An incredible value. The restaurant is attached to a European deli with freshly made sausages and meats, European liquors, and hard to find foods.