Southport Grocery and Cafe

3552 N. Southport
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 665-0100
Premiered 1/20/2006

A quaint cafe inside a fine food grocery. The cafe serves quality focused, modern comfort food. Great for breakfast or lunch....both served all day long!

Jill Alberts
Jewelry Designer

Jill said she's looking forward to going back to try the cupcakes.

Jill recommends:

Nick Brown
Marketing Manager

Nick recommends it for mimosas all day long, and says the décor is so cute.

Nick recommends:

Robert Davis
Language Expert

Robert liked the concept and thought it was a great bang for the buck.

Robert recommends:


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
Price Range: 
Not Accepted
Outdoor Seating: