Rhyme or Reason (closed)

A New American restaurant that aims to bring fresh retro to its customers. With live music and soulful food, Rhyme or Reason looks to bring it back to the era of Motown.

Caspian Kabab

Family-run storefront spot Caspian Kabab offers authentic Persian classic food including hard-to-find dishes in a warm, friendly environment.

Lillie’s Q

Located in trendy Wicker Park, Lillie’s Q serves award-winning barbecue and Southern comfort food in chic, minimalist digs.

En Hakkore

A Korean counter service restaurant featuring classic Korean dishes, along with tacos and fusion snacks. En Hakkore is nestled in the Wicker Park neighborhood.

Pub Royale (CLOSED)

A pub with a large selection of beers on tap. Their Anglo-Indian fare is a mix of old favorites with new and exciting dishes.