Lockdown (closed)

1024 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 229-6740
Premiered 11/1/2013

Lockdown is a hard rock burger bar. A prison themed restaurant, it sports iron bars and an electric chair for décor as well as a menu of uniquely named burgers like the “Conjugal Visit.” The burgers are piled high with incredible ingredients and there is a variety of sides including hand-cut fries as well as delicious mac & cheese. Shots, loud music, and big burgers for a wild night out. 

Martha Drouet
Law Student, Chicago

Martha recommended Lockdown and says they have the best burgers in town.

Martha recommends:

James Winston
Police Detective, Chicago

James appreciated the size, creativity, and flavors of the burgers.

James recommends:

Rose Dante
Realtor, Portage Park

Rose enjoyed her experience, but says she has had better burgers.

Rose recommends:


Lockdown is closed.
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