Ravioli di “Piccolo Sogno”

Ravioli di “Piccolo Sogno”
Recipe courtesy of:
Chef: Tony Priolo
Serving for 4 People 
1 cup of fresh ricotta cheese
1/8 cup freshly grated Reggiano Parmesan
1/8 cup Capriole Farms Cheese
1/8 cup chopped Gorgonzola Dolce Latte cheese
1 teaspoon of chopped Italian parsley
Sicilian sea salt to taste
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients together and adjust the seasoning.
Pasta Dough:
4 whole eggs
4 egg yolks
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon of Sicilian Sea Salt
2 & ¾ cups of semolina Flour
1 & ¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons water
(Method 1)In a food processor, add all ingredients, Pulse until a ball forms and then take out and knead by hand until dough is slightly firm or (Method 2) In a large bowl add all dry ingredients into center of the bowl.  Make a small well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the remaining ingredients. With a fork beat the liquid until smooth, slowly touching the sides incorporating the dry ingredients. Keep mixing until a ball is formed. Take the ball out and then kneed by hand until the dough is slightly firm (Texture should be slightly firmer than your ear lobe.) You may need to adjust the water amount due to the humidity in the air.
After the dough has rested, roll out the pasta dough progressively with a pasta machine until the dough is thin enough that you can see your hand through it. Brush the dough with egg yolk and add the filling on half of the dough with a spoon (the size of a quarter) with the other half of the dough, place over the side with the filling so that you form ravioli. With a small shot glass form the center of the ravioli and press all the air out. Cut with a circle cutter so there is a small edge around the center.  Press the sides gently pushing the air out and set aside.  Cook in boiling salted water about 2 minutes and then toss into the sauce.
½ Cup of fresh chicken broth
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
1 table spoon of toasted pine nuts
Sicilian sea salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Marsala Glaze(1 cup Marsala wine cooked down by ¾ until it is thick, you can use corn starch slurry to thicken)
Shavings of Reggiano Parmesan (using a potato peeler lightly shave off curls of cheese from a solid piece for the garnish)
In a sauce pan, reduce the chicken broth down by half. Add the butter and bring to a boil then take the sauce off the heat. Stir quickly so the sauce does not break. Add the cooked ravioli and toasted pine nuts. Adjust the seasoning and serve. Arrange the ravioli on the plate (about 6 pieces) like a flower overlapping only on one side. When you get the sixth ravioli slip it under the first.  Drizzle the sauce and pine nuts over the ravioli adding a little extra sauce.  Garnish with the Marsala glaze (using a squirt bottle, make sure the glaze is warm not hot, drizzle the ravioli’s like it was a zig zag line)
Add the shavings of parmesan cheese over the ravioli and serve immediately