The Check, Please! Host (Almost) Audition Special

By David Manilow

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Tune in Friday, May 17, at 8:00 pm

In January, we started searching for a new host of Check, Please!. We received nearly a thousand video submissions and, in March, narrowed down our list to 17 candidates who then came to the WTTW studios to host an audition segment of the show with mock guest reviewers. Of those 17, we then chose five finalists that appear on our (Almost) Host Special. By the way, we say "mock" guest reviewers because we had about two dozen kind Chicagoans who spent a couple hours with us at the studio, rotating in and out at the table with the different hosts. They didn't go through the usual Check, Please! selection process because we were only taping one segment. All the finalists and guests are reviewing "John's Place" restaurant on the corner of Webster & Racine. John's my brother so, even though I couldn't put him on the real show (I always thought it was a conflict of interest), this is the next best thing.

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