Seared Organic Chicken with Brioche Dressing

Seared Organic Chicken with Brioche Dressing
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Amish Organic Chicken – Brined 48 hours, then covered in meat marinade
Celeriac Blanched
Chopped Herbs-Rosemary, thyme and parsley
Truffle vinaigrette
Caramelized yellow onions
80-20 oil blend
Chicken stock
salt and pepper

Place sauté pan over med-high heat
Add oil and heat to med-high
Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper
Place the chicken in the hot pan skin down, and ensure the skin does not stick
Sauté for 6-7 min
Place the pan in a 400° F oven until done
Remove and allow the chicken to rest

Meat Marinade

Chopped parsley
Chopped savory
80-20 oil blend

Place the herbs in a blender
Slowly add oil until the blender is almost full

Brioche Dressing

Medium dice brioche bread
Butter a small sauté pan
Place blanched celeriac, onions, herb mix, bread, truffle vin, chicken stock, and salt and pepper into the pan
Cook alongside chicken in oven

Truffle Vin

3 tbl Black truffle paste
2 ea chopped shallots
2 cup Champagne vinegar

Chicken Brine

2 quarts warm water
6 oz salt
10 oz sugar
2 tbl black pepper
4 ea bay leaves
½ bunch thyme
2 tbl juniper berries
1 tbl allspice
1 tbl coriander seeds