Hemmingway Trout

Hemmingway Trout
Recipe courtesy of:
Chef: Randy Waters
Ingredient List:
10 ounces of rainbow trout
1 (each) white bread
3 ounces of bacon and green onions
3 ounces of peppers and onions
4 ounces of chopped potatoes
2 ounces of butter
1(each) lemon wedge
Dollied 9” Round Plate
In a 10” sauté pan place white bread in the pan place trout on top and the bacon and green onion mix on top. Place potatoes and pepper onion mix to one side and season the vegetables and the fish with salt and pepper. Top the fish with butter blend.
Bake in 400 degrees Fahrenheit oven for 10-12 minutes making sure to brown the potatoes and the fish.
Place the hot pan on top of doilie lined 9” plate. Garnish with lemon and parsley.