Danny's Cafe and Deli

By David Manilow |

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This week, Check, Please! featured Danny's Cafe and Deli in Melrose Park as one of our three restaurants. I first stopped by Danny's more than a year ago and had the enormous stuffed artichoke and a meatball sandwich, loosened my belt and rolled back to my car.
One of the great things about working on Check, Please! is that I get to explore the city, try interesting food and meet many warm and wonderful people who work in the restaurant business. If you saw the Danny's segment, you heard from owners' Carl and Paula Dote talking about their authentic Italian cooking and their customers fondness for neckbones. I loved talking with them and it's a shame that we couldn't run the entire interview on TV because they're a lot of fun.
Watch the whole thing above or on YouTube - Video: Carl and Paula Dote, the owners of Danny's Cafe and Deli in Melrose Park, IL.

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