Wagyu Wagon (closed)

Chicago, IL
Premiered 10/12/2012

The Wagyu Wagon is a beast. Not only is it the biggest food truck on the road, they pride themselves on their selection of locally grown, sustainable, quality food. This lean, mean, grilling machine cooks on board and offers a rotating seasonal mouthwatering menu.

Owner and Chef Aaron Crumbaugh made his Chicago debut at The Peninsula before venturing off to start his own private catering project which, thankfully for us, has turned into The Wagyu Wagon. Chef Crumbaugh’s goal was to bring a 4-star dining experience to the Chicago streets – and with his vow to only use Wagyu beef, he’s doing a fantastic job.

Wagyu’s menu ranges from burgers to Banh mi, and the dishes are perfectly paired with coconut curry French fries. The wagon offers non-wagyu beef items as well like the Buffalo Tofu sandwich (Fried Tofu, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Spread, Spinach, and Tomato) or The Cubano (Slow Roasted Pork, Ham, Pickle, Swiss, and Roasted Garlic Aoli).

Take a step back from your own grill and give the Wagyu Wagon a try.


Wagyu Wagon is closed.