Season 16, Episode 5: Pub Royale, Ampersand, and Thithi's

Chicago, IL
Premiered 11/11/2016

Check, Please! host Catherine De Orio welcomes guest reviewers Pooja Koongar, Joe JaQuay, and Susanne Witt who weigh in on Chicago area eateries Pub Royale, Ampersand, and Thithi's.

Pooja Koongar
Pediatrician, Chicago

Pooja recommends Pub Royale for a unique and delicious approach to Indian cuisine.

Pooja recommends:

Joe JaQuay
Global Business Developer, Chicago

Joe recommends Ampersand because Chef Darren’s excellent menu delights him time after time.

Joe recommends:

Suzanne Witt
Writer, Chicago

Suzanne recommends Thithi's for a fantastic fine dining experience in the south suburbs.

Suzanne recommends: