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Cheater's Tandoori Chicken

Cheater's Tandoori Chicken
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A great weeknight grilling dish if you can remember to put together the marinade in the morning or the night before.

3-4 T. prepared Indian tandoori paste from a jar
1 C. plain yogurt (preferably whole milk)
2 whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts, divided into 4 half-breast pieces

Rinse off and clean the chicken and cut 2 or 3 shallow slits in each piece. For the marinade, mix together the yogurt and 3-4 T. tandoori paste (check the directions on the bottle). Slather it over the chicken, rubbing it into the slits. Refrigerate at least 3 hours. Then remove from marinade and grill about five minutes a side. Serve with wedges of lemon, basmati rice, pappadam, chutney, and a green veggie for a fast, yummy, but inauthentic Indian dinner.

Reprinted from A Cook's Guide to Chicago, Second Edition, by Marilyn Pocius

A Cook's Guide to Chicago, Lake Claremont Press, ©2006