The Pilot

By David Manilow |

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Before Check, Please! became a series in 2001, we needed to create a pilot to prove that the concept on paper would translate into a television show. I knew that we wanted a diverse sampling of restaurants, but I wasn't sure that we would be able to convince three places to let us shoot during their busy hours without any promise that the show would ever be on TV. So, I forever appreciate Taqueria Los Comales in Little Village, Little Bucharest (now shuttered) in Lakeview and mk Restaurant in River North for stepping up to the plate.
The pilot ended up airing for just one weekend in July of 2001 and hardly anyone saw it so we're thrilled to have mk back this weekend for a new episode of the show. Here's their original segment from the pilot in 2001. There are plenty of differences but the premise is identical. Take a look.

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