Rhyme or Reason (closed)

A New American restaurant that aims to bring fresh retro to its customers. With live music and soulful food, Rhyme or Reason looks to bring it back to the era of Motown.

Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar

This unique spot aims to bring the food of the immigrants of Chicago to today’s diner. Serving up much more than caviar, Heritage has something for everyone.

Mexique (closed)

Chef Carlos Gaytan combines his traditional Mexican roots with his knowledge of French cooking techniques to bring creative food to Mexique.

Serious Business Butcher Shop

By wwciadmin

Publican Quality Meats (PQM) is the latest offering in the Paul Kahan Empire. Opened about 8 months ago, it adds vertical integration to the current repertoire of Blackbird (fine dining), Avec (small plates and wine), Publican (oysters, pork and beer), Big Star (tacos and whiskey), and The Violet Hour (elevated bar food and cocktails). This butcher shop now “supplies” a portion of the restaurants’ needs.

Green Zebra (closed)

A sophisticated small-plated and inventive menu of primarily vegetarian dishes fill this globally influenced and sleek location.


The place is both a gallery for folk art and a funky cafe that specializes in New Mexican cooking (there are subtle differences between this cuisine and Tex-Mex, or California Mex, or Mex Mex). Flo gets its peppers directly from a farmer in New Mexico, so the taste is as genuine as anything in Santa Fe.

Kendall College Dining Room

The culinary school offers Chicago residents a place where they can taste the budding skills of soon-to-be chefs in training. A portion of guest gratuity from the Dining room are put in a student scholarship fund.