Lou Mitchell's

You haven't had breakfast in Chicago until you've eaten at Lou's! Enough fresh eggs have been cracked, made into omelettes, cooked in skillets and sold at Lou Mitchell's to go side-by-side more than a few times around the world. Today Lou Mitchell's is a Chicago institution.

Heaven on Seven

Elbow to elbow restaurant with soul food to bring you home. Hot sauce bottles line the walls and authentic music plays behing the chatter of the dining room.

Aria (closed)

Aria provides a contemporary twist on conventional comfort foods. Using American flavors and ingredients to update traditional dishes from around the world, Aria defies regional dining, creating a distinctive experience that is both culturally inspired and comfortably American.

Russian Tea Time

Started by a Russian immigrant who found barely any familiar cuisine in a new country, Russian Tea Time westernizes Russian dishes to offer authentic courses that extended to all the meals of the day - not just tea time.