How can I be on Check, Please!?

By Carmen Schmidt |

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When people learn that I work on the production of Check, Please!, the reaction is always the same. First, I'm told just how much people love the show. They love Alpana and get excited about discovering new places to eat. Then, they proceed to tell me about one of the restaurants they visited because of the show or about their favorite restaurant and how it should be on the show. And finally, the question comes: how can I be on Check, Please!?

It's always great to hear that people are enjoying the show. A lot of effort going into putting it together, and so we're always really happy to hear that people are actually watching. It's our audience that keeps this show alive and the never ending supply of restaurant options in Chicago and the suburbs that keep it fresh.

But, we can't forget our guest reviewers – they make good television.

So, just how do you get to be on Check, Please!? Well, first you really have to love food and going out to eat. It's really good if you have visited a good variety of restaurants and have a solid idea of what it is you prefer from the menu, service, and atmosphere. Are you a big portions eater? Or do you like a place that serves a really great cocktail? Once you know this, then decide which is your most favorite restaurant and why. Who is the chef? How would you categorize or characterize the food? Visit this favorite restaurant several times and try a variety of appetizers, dishes, and/or drinks. Learn about the specialties. You may even want to know some of the history.

Then come back to this website. Before telling us about your favorite restaurant, make sure it's not on the list of restaurants we have already covered on the series. We've brought you over 370 restaurants through our nine seasons of Check, Please!, but there are still plenty of eateries that haven't been reviewed. If your favorite restaurants are not on the list, then we're on to the next step.

Then, still right here on our website, look up and click on "Be on the Show." Here you will find an electronic form to complete that will ask you some questions about you and your favorite place to eat. Complete this application, and press submit. Now, you wait. Our Executive Producer will scan through all of the interested candidates, and maybe even visit the restaurants you mention to check it out again for himself. And then, just maybe, just maybe, he'll give you a call! Believe me, there are no special "ins."

So that's how it's done! Who knows, maybe you will be our next guest reviewer! Good Luck!

Carmen M. Schmidt
Associate Producer, Check, Please!

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