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Roister, Midori, Sapori Napoletani | Fri, July 20 at 8:00 pm on WTTW HD

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Sapori Napoletani

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Mana Food Bar

Mana Food Bar offers a global menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes that are surprising and delicious. The modern and simple atmosphere, internationally inspired dishes, as well as the friendly and knowledgeable staff make Mana a great experience for people willing to try something healthy and satisfying.  Make sure to try a sake cocktail!

Knife & Tine

Knife & Tine offers a menu of classic dishes with a special twist. You’ll find a seasonal menu of homemade pasta and creative dishes. Service is exceptional. Great for dates and group outings.   


Sankyu serves up authentic Japanese sushi, ramen and yakisoba. Dishes are meant to be shared.


A coffee cup on the counter of a diner
Cat’s Corner: Chefs' Favorite Counter Service Gems

Greetings! It’s always bittersweet to get to the end of a season. Thank you all for being such loyal viewers and enthusiastic diners. We couldn’t do it without you!

The World of Food: Salad

If there’s any dish more ubiquitous, adaptable to personal taste, and easier to make than salad, we don’t know what it is.

Cat’s Corner: Q&A with Andrew Macker and Nandini Khaund of Cindy’s Rooftop

Hello! This week we visit Cindy’s Rooftop at the Chicago Athletic Association in the Loop, Sunset Pho in West Rogers Park, and Kabobi on Kedzie.

Chef with a glass of wine

Sit down at the table with David Manilow, creator of Check, Please!, as he explores the Chicago food and restaurant landscape with the unique personalities who have influenced it.

A chef in her restaurant

An original web series that profiles a diverse group of Chicago area restaurateurs, chefs, baristas, gin enthusiasts, and others. Meet the people who feed you.

Dishalicious show host in apron

Experience the culinary world — live and in-person — through the eyes of top Chicago chefs! Dishalicious is a fast-paced, live demonstration cooking show and event that’s fun and informative.

Discover the ways Chicago’s celebrity chefs unwind after they clock out of the kitchen. Get to know another side of these interesting personalities who — while known for their passion and work ethic in the kitchen — are fascinating and passionate people in their personal lives as well.