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Chicago Restaurants

As restaurants begin to open for outdoor dining, please consider patronizing your favorite Chicago area restaurants for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining. Use the SEARCH tool above to explore Chicago’s neighborhoods and cuisines, stay safe and healthy, and support your local restaurants at the same time! Also, check out this helpful roundup – Dining at a Distance – to keep tabs on what Chicago area restaurants are open for take-out, curbside pick-up, delivery, and outdoor dining!


Bento Box

Chicago Magic Lounge

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Kai Zan

Kai Zan offers artfully crafted, fresh sushi in a comfortable atmosphere. You will find some unexpected ingredients and phenomenal uni and oyster shooters. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.     

Sapori Napoletani

A true family business, Sapori owner Antonio Vitello comes from a long line of pizzeria owners. He also hand-built the wood fire oven they cook in.

Lillie’s Q

Lillie’s Q

Located in trendy Wicker Park, Lillie’s Q serves award-winning barbecue and Southern comfort food in chic, minimalist digs.


The World of Food: “Dinner-tainment”

Welcome to dinner-theatre, a relatively recent trend—as trends go—in which the Chicago area has played an important role.

Food at the Movies

These are the movies that have endured the test of time and become part of the foodie canon.

World of Food | Tiki Bars
Tiki Bars

“If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring it to you.”
“When that old demon rum slips past the lips, it still works its ancient, cheerful magic.”
–Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, alias Donn Beach, alias Don the Beachcomber

Chef with a glass of wine

Sit down at the table with David Manilow, creator of Check, Please!, as he explores the Chicago food and restaurant landscape with the unique personalities who have influenced it.

A chef in her restaurant

An original web series that profiles a diverse group of Chicago area restaurateurs, chefs, baristas, gin enthusiasts, and others. Meet the people who feed you.

Dishalicious show host in apron

Experience the culinary world — live and in-person — through the eyes of top Chicago chefs! Dishalicious is a fast-paced, live demonstration cooking show and event that’s fun and informative.

Discover the ways Chicago’s celebrity chefs unwind after they clock out of the kitchen. Get to know another side of these interesting personalities who — while known for their passion and work ethic in the kitchen — are fascinating and passionate people in their personal lives as well.