Bobak's (closed)

Premiered 2/25/2005

100 Burr Ridge Parkway
Burr Ridge, IL 60632

Bobak's Sausage is a Chicago based company, founded in 1967. We are a USDA meat processor of old world sausages and deli meats in Chicago, nationally and internationally we have an on-site company store offering all the famous Bobak products and much more.

Brenda Machalk
Realtor/Grocery Clerk

Brenda recommends it for a fun time with great tasty food at a good price.

Brenda recommends:

Kevin Coval

Kevin was reminded of old-world buffets, but if he goes back, he'd take a wrestling team.

Kevin recommends:

Luis Ortega
TV Director

Luis thought it was a cut above other buffets and says it's a place to pig out.

Luis recommends:


<span class='closedAlert'>Bobak's is closed.</span>
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