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Taco Time

By Amy Cavanaugh |

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                            Takito: Crispy Redfish

Takito: Crispy Redfish

Takito Kitchen, which opened in Wicker Park in March, adds seasonal ingredients and chef spins to classic Mexican dishes. Plus it just started offering taco deals, which make it easier to try more of the menu in one visit.

The menu offers trios of tacos, like the Chicken Pepian tacos, which feature corn tortillas topped with chicken, avocado salsa verde, snap peas, ricotta, pepitas, and cilantro, the Grilled Brunkow cheese tacos, topped with kale, peanuts, salsa, and rhubarb chutney, and the Crispy Redfish tacos, hibiscus tortillas topped with fish, carrot jalapeño slaw, coconut custard, and basil. Don’t miss out on the special deals on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Takito has also recently debuted its spring menu, which includes seasonal vegetables like asparagus, served with rhubarb kimchi, guajillo ricotta, Serrano ham, pea shoots, and sesame. Rhubarb also makes an appearance in a chutney that’s served with the Alaskan halibut. The escabeche, a dish of pickled vegetables, and the desserts, rotate seasonally.

Takito Kitchen
2013 West Division Street, Chicago
(773) 687-9620