New Episode: Smak-Tak, Markethouse, BIG & little's

By David Manilow |

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We’re back at it this week with three new restaurants recommended and reviewed by regular Chicagoans!

There’s a fair argument to be made that we should all eat smaller portions. It just seems that it’s got to be good for our overall health. We’re going to table that discussion for a future show because our first segment this Friday features Smak-Tak, a small Polish restaurant delivering huge portions on the northwest side. If Chicago had mountains, Smak-Tak would be a fine après-ski lodge to sit by the fire and have some pierogi, Hunter’s stew, and much more.

Hungarian Pancake

Right smack dab in the middle of town, Scott Walton seems to have found a paradise that’s trouble proof. As executive chef of Markethouse in Streeterville, Walton has been on the forefront of sustainable, healthy cooking and he even has a vegetable garden on the restaurant’s roof. Producer Jacqui Wedewer checked out the garden and interviewed Chef Walton. Take a look.

We wrap up the show with the cult favorite, BIG & little’s. The long and short of this place is that owners and lifelong friends Gary Strauss and Tony D’Alessandro are serving up po’boys, burgers, tacos, and more with creative twists that keep customers coming back day after day. We love places like this because it’s a couple of local guys working hard, having fun, and making a go of it. The interview with Tony (little) was a blast and you can find the uncut version on our Facebook page.

Tony D’Alessandro and Gary Strauss

Enjoy the show!