Anthony Todd - Check, Please! Host Finalist

By Jacqui Wedewer |

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Check out host finalist Anthony Todd. Watch an out-take from his studio audition:

Anthony Todd

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Why are you the best host for Check, Please!?

Check, Please! is an exercise in culinary democracy. It’s like Yelp, except way, way better – an opportunity for ordinary diners to voice their opinions on their favorite restaurants. That’s why we watch it! We all want to argue with them and imagine what we would say in their places. Because of that, the host of Check, Please! shouldn’t be a “personality” or a “star.” He or she should be a knowledgeable, articulate person who is there to make everyone else shine. I know a ton about food and drink and can speak well on my feet, but I’m also invested in learning what diners and guests have to say and in making sure their voices get heard. I’m also committed to making sure all Chicago restaurants, not just the fancy ones with great PR, get their place in the sun, and Check, Please! is great for finding unique spots that deserve extra attention.