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Dancing Marlin Dancing Marlin is a lively experience where you share plates and fun! With 18 wines served on tap, you find the perfect pairing with any choice of specialty seafood or new American dishes.

Milwalky Trace

With plates that are meant to be shared, Milwalky Trace aims to be an intimate gathering place for friends and families alike. Their New American fare pairs well with their pre-prohibition era cocktails.

Señor Pan

Señor Pan offers a modern fun atmosphere with Cuban classics. Get comfortable and enjoy the live music and signature Cuban sandwiches.


Cat’s Corner: Q&A with the Brewhouse Team at Band of Bohemia

Hello! Ravenswood Corridor has been dubbed “Malt Row” due to the proliferation of breweries and distilleries opening in the area. While many of these breweries are traditional in nature, Band of Bohemia is a brewhouse with a twist.

The World of Food: Mediterranean

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
— Virginia Woolf

Cat’s Corner: Q&A with Milwalky Trace Chef/Owner Lee Kuebler

Hello! The suburban restaurant scene has sometimes gotten a bad rap for being stale, full of chains, or just unoriginal. But these days, many top chefs are bringing their unique flair to the ‘burbs, inspiring city-dwellers to venture out.