Who Says Carbs Are Bad?

Kelley Foxx

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The restaurant that keeps me coming back is La Bella in Oak Park, IL. My wife and I are runners and La Bella is the perfect excuse to "carbo load." The food is so good, we once signed up for a 5k just to have an excuse to go and consume great Italian food without the guilt. Not only is the food delicious but the service is impeccable. The staff never fails to make us feel as though we are the only customers in the whole place. No matter how many times we've been, the personal service which we receive makes us wish we could feel like that everywhere we go. My personal favorite is the Giambotta but I've had nearly everything on the menu and it's always been great. I highly recommend La Bella to anyone looking for great food and great ambiance.

Kelley Foxx is an African-American male father of two beautiful little girls. Being a parent often makes getting out to have a great meal difficult. As such, when Foxx and his wife go out, they have to make it count.