Finger Lickin' Good

Amanda Rembold

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 If you are anything like me, you are in a constant craving for good BBQ. Well you’re in luck – with my father as an avid barbequer - my 20-something years’ experience of eating deliciously perfected ribs, brisket and pulled pork, I consider myself a pretty good judge of “good BBQ", and Lillie's Q passes the test.

First of all I have a confession. Any place that serves beverages out of a mason jar probably has a leg up on the competition. Haven't you noticed that anything out of a mason jar automatically is delicious? Not to steal Will Ferrell's words, but "Once it hits your lips it's so good!" With a great beer selection, I was a little bias and tried a Great Lakes Oktoberfest from my home town - delicious as usual.

After a few sips and feeling slightly tipsy I decided the "eating healthy" idea I had at the beginning of the night was going out the window. An order of fried pickles was on the horizon, and from someone who's dinner often consists of a jar of Vlasic's Kosher Dill Spears they were probably some of the best fried pickles I have ever had, not too much breading and not greasy.   Refusing to share, I ate the entire order of 5 or so and then moved on to my Tri-Tip Sandwich (smoked beef) on a fresh Brioche Bun Southern Style - meaning the addition of a healthy portion of coleslaw on top.

I love that Lillie Q's gives you the freedom to try from their array of 6 sauces. I of course had to try them all: Carolina and Carolina Gold - both your traditional Carolina ketchupbase; East Carolina, a vinegar sauce packs a kick; Ivory, Smoky, and my sauce of choice Hot Smokey.

The bartender went through the menu, explaining that sandwiches come as they are and if you want to add a side - by all means go for it. Since I ate a nice helping of fried pickles I passed on the side, but my friends tried the Mac'n'Cheese with bacon. And yes, I know this is a bold statement but probably the best, creamiest, cheesiest,  mac'n'cheese I have ever had. I would recommend adding some sort of meat, as its pretty rich without.

The restaurant is on the cozy side, currently they do not take reservations so I suggest getting there at an off time - or get lucky like me and snag a seat at the bar and catch some college football while indulging in a root beer float to die for - but again I think that might have something to do with the mason jar it comes in.


Lillie's Q is located at 1856 W. North Ave, Chicago.

They can be reached at (773) 772-5500.

Amanda has lived in Chicago for a little over a year and loves every moment of being here. Since she moved to Chicago she started a list of "must try" restaurants and bars, but every time she crosses on off she replaces it with three others. She loves trying new things, and to combat her massive eating and drinking she tries to keep busy with yoga, soccer, and shopping. Amanda has been introduced to so many new things since she has moved to the city, and doesn't' plan on stopping her journey anytime soon!